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TAFE Queensland Case Study

Hear from Marty Lock, Manager of International Engagement and Communications at TAFE Queensland, how QuantPlus insights helped them maximise returns and enrolments.
Read the article to learn how TAFE Queensland generated:
+33% Return on Investment
+90% unique visits to LP
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Improving advertising performance in Education

In his AIEC 2022 keynote, Bosco Anthony shows how Global Rev Gen leverages QuantPlus insights to inform their creative recommendations.

Learn how:

University creative developed with QuantPlus insights achieved a 7% conversion rate vs a 2% conversion rate for creative developed without insights
QuantPlus pinpointed exact words, tag lines and elements that increased clickthroughs and conversion rates.
Can’t attend in person?
Find out how to watch Bosco Anthony’s Keynote live or on demand on the AIEC 2022 Virtual Platform.

AIEC 2022 Promo - Extended

You can still receive a 20% off the RRP of any Global Insights Report until the 30th of November.
Click on ‘REDEEM YOUR 20% OFF’ to book a meeting in person, video, or call. It can take place anytime before the end of 2022, but booking is required by 30th November 2022.

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