The only AI engine to analyse artwork at the element level.

Unlike multi variant testing platforms, we analyse historical data from campaigns that have already run.

We then go infinitely deeper deconstructing every element in every ad, and ranking them against performance data.

Our world first technology helps marketers unlock the secrets of the highest performing ad creatives in any country, globally.

Analysing CREATIVE...




We've analysed trillions of data points

We study the data.
You get the insights.

We report what creative elements have proven performance in a particular sector & country helping your team make informed design decisions focused on results.

We provide insights into the top performing elements like:

phrase combinations
imagery content
element type prominence
category type
gender distribution
+ many more
Curious to see what an Insights Report looks like?
Download A Free Sample Report
Curious to see what an Insights Report looks like?
Download A Free Sample Report

Create stronger ads using high-ranking text & image elements.

Maximize your conversion chances.

Our world first technology identifies proven high-ranking creative elements in historical ad creatives, giving you the secret insights to creating stronger future ad-creative.

Start with the answers about what performs best
Create hi-performing campaigns with ROI gains up of 300%+
Save countless hours & dollars avoiding old optimisation methods
Create successful ad campaigns for differing countries & cultures

How we unlock the insights

The process of turning big data into Insights Reports
Collate Ads

We collate thousands of Ad Creatives from a broad range of sources when collating data sets by country

AI Engine Processing

The Quant AI Engine deconstructs every Ad into individual text and image elements -analysing, categorising, and tagging trillions of data points

Compare Performance Data

Next we compare each element to ad performance data, such as engagement metrics, impressions, conversions, and more

Rank Elements & Insights

Finally, we rank the highest performing ad elements in each category, converting data into rich creative insights that can be actioned to produce optimised creative for your next ad campaign

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