Leverage the largest competitor data set

We analyse your competitor's ads to deliver rich creative insights that help inform your next design before launching a single impression.
We offer Creative Intelligence for all industries.
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Make creative decisions based on ranked insights.

Stop the creative guesswork. Our world first ‘rich data’ creative insights offer data driven creative intelligence to inform your next marketing campaign.
Calls to action
Ad Composition
Technology present
Ad Copy (2-3-4 word phrases)
Buildings visible
Setting (foreground / background)
Nature present
Objects and much more
Want to see an Industry Country Report?
Download A Free Sample Report
Want to see an Industry Country Report?
Download A Free Sample Report

Design optimized ads to dramatically boost campaign ROI.

Our clients have consistently demonstrated 6X- 10X ROAS from ads informed by our creative intelligence.
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Original Creative
Conversion Rate


After - 300% ROI

Conversion rate after
employing Quant Insights :


Why are we different? Now you start with the answers!

New Pre-Launch optimization method:

avoid creative guesswork and launch with high performance creative
achieve ROI gains of up to 300%

Old Post-Launch optimization methods:

require time "in-market" to understand ad effectiveness
produce lots of wasteful variations that perform poorly

Ready to design with insight?

Creative Insights

Priced per Industry

Let us inform your next ad campaign with ‘current’ market intel on what works creatively - before your next launch.
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How we unlock the creative insights

The process of turning trillions of creative images into Creative Insights
Collate Ads

We collate trillions of Ad Creatives from major platforms such as Facebook, Google Display Instagram and Twitter.

AI Engine Processing

The Quant AI Engine deconstructs every Ad into individual text and image elements -analysing, categorising, and tagging trillions of data points

Compare Performance Data

Next we compare each element toad performance data, such as engagement metrics, impressions, conversions, spend over time and much more

Rank Elements & Insights

Finally, we rank the highest performing ad elements in each category, converting data into rich creative insights. It's these insights that help inform your next ad campaign.

Learn more - The future of ad optimization

Watch what makes QuantPlus Creative Insights unique and how to use them to turbocharge your campaign performance.

Here's our FAQ's.

Who are the Creative Insights for?

Anyone responsible for domestic or international creative generation.

Marketers use our insights to learn what has truly worked within their industry. Using the insights to reduce risk and improve ROI.

Creative teams use them at the point of design to help inform creative development.

If everyone starts using these insights, won’t all the creative begin to look the same?

No. Each creative insights report is based on impossibly large data sets.

These data sets also renew annually, so what is happening in the market today will be different to a year from now.

How do my team use the insights?

These insights are designed to compliment your current creative workflow. They simply inform  better creative decisions at the creative development phase.

What if I have strict brand guidelines?

‍Every brand design has its must haves:

  • Use the data as a foundation
  • Validate a stronger starting position creatively
  • Blend core marketing messages with new images, call to actions, colors or text
  • Don’t feel obligated to use all the data
  • Balance your existing brand aesthetic
Have other clients  used QuantPlus creative insights successfully in a real ad campaign?

Yes, many .... You can scroll through our site to get a feel for our clients. Results have varied between 33 - 300% ROI.

The more clients lean into the insights “creatively’ the better the outcomes for ROI.

We have several case studies supporting this with visuals and client testimonials

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