Publish 21 Feb 2022
Publish 21 Feb 2022

The New Age of Ad Optimisation is here - Creative Insights

Think your creative performance is optimised?
Think again.

You’re a successful marketer. Your campaigns generate good traffic and impressive results.

Your brand’s advertising runs through a multivariate ad optimisation platform which allows you to push out a high volume of A/B split testing and get metrics on the best performing ads in no time.

You have optimised your bidding and serve your ads to the most relevant audiences in brand-safe environments.

And it doesn’t stop there.

Your ad platform processes trillions of data points coming from your CRM, your marketing automation software, and your social media. That’s how you identify the highest performing creatives, media channels, customer segments, and countries.

Leaning on AI, you detect patterns at scale and predict the changes to implement that will give you the best ROI.

It seems you have all your bases covered, right? Yes, except for one thing. There still is a missing cog in your AI marketing machine.

Wondering what this could be? It's your creative.

But it’s not just you. For years, the entire industry has been focusing on media and post-launch creative optimisation. And, like most marketers, there’s something you might not have realised yet.

AI can now provide you with creative insights data that informs your creative decisions even before spending a single dollar in pre-testing ads.

Yes, you got that right. Now, you can find out which creative will perform the best for your brand prior to briefing your agency.

And if you think improving your creative will have minimal impact… It's time to think again.

According to Google Media Lab, when it comes to successful brand campaigns, media is responsible for only 30% of the campaign’s success, while a whopping 70% is attributed to the creative.

This is the perfect opportunity to take an inventory of your current tools and consider adding some new ones to your arsenal.

The Current AI Advertising Tools

Currently, there are two major categories of AI advertising tools: the multivariate ad creative platforms and the AI ad platforms.

The two major categories of AI Tools currently

Multivariate ad creative platforms 

Multivariate platforms provide you with ad serving tools. Their software enables you to run a high volume of fast A/B split tests, identifying the best ads through the platform's algorithms and then pushing out another 100 variations of the highest-performing ad, automating the process of ad management.

Bidding and automation platforms like Pencil are extremely valuable to advertisers, but they still do not answer the question of why a campaign is successful, and what works in an ad.

The other disadvantage of those platforms is that they swap imagery and text in and out, often at the detriment of brand guidelines or core messaging. That’s because the multivariate software is programmed to seek the highest-performing combination of images and text at any cost.

Of course, you can set up your multivariate platform to approve all ad variations before they relaunch, but this is a very time-consuming way to ensure you adhere to brand guidelines.

AI ad platforms 

AI ad platforms help you make sense of data at your disposal from CRM systems, marketing automation software, and social media channels. They find the best performing creative, media channel, customers and countries, and tell you where to funnel marketing dollars to give you the highest return on investment. 

Ad platforms can help fill the gaps in humans’ abilities to manage large data sets. They detect patterns at scale and predict what changes to campaigns will improve performance against a specific KPI.

The issue with AI platforms is that all players fight for gains to lower media costs, but everyone has access to the same tech and data. 

Early adopters enjoyed tremendous success in the past, but are now losing their advantage as the returns are progressively diminishing.

Until today, you could only rely on multivariate platforms and AI ad platforms to optimise your creative. But the recent developments in AI technology have given birth to a new breed of tools capable of analysing creative elements at a granular level to identify patterns and gain useful learnings.

A New Generation of AI Advertising Tools

A creative insights data tool offers far superior insights, both in terms of breadth and depth, compared to the ones provided by the multivariate and AI ad platforms.

With the current platforms, you can only optimise creative ads after launch, but this new tool lets you get upstream in the process. 

Creative intelligence AI models take only seconds to scan trillions of impressions and extract the images and words that resonate with your core audience based on historical performance. This allows you to cut back on lengthy and expensive testing methods and eliminate any guesswork.

Upsteam vs Downstream Optimisation

For the first time, the traditional industry process has been re-engineered so that you can have answers when it matters the most: at the start of your campaign.

Your New Creative Intelligence Data Tool

As an experienced marketer, you know how to judge a good creative. But now you can access insights and data to back your intuitions with science. 

Noah Khan, Regional President of Digital and Innovation - CEE, Middle East and Africa at TBWA & DAN, believes that:

“Using data to support our positions removes subjectivity and allows us to focus on delivering disruptive work. Data helps us reframe the conversation with our clients from ‘I think’ to ‘I know’.”

It is to solve this need that the first data insights company for creative businesses was created.

QuantPlus creative intelligence leverages the fundamentals of ‘Semantic content analysis’ to interpret content. Computer vision and natural language processing break down creative elements from previous ad campaigns and convert them into data.

Elements are then tagged, ranked and packaged into country or market reports. This is the data that allows marketing managers to know what content will work best for future ad campaigns.

Brad Pickett, the company’s CEO, has extensively scouted the market for similar solutions and affirms:

“QuantPlus solution is a world-first and no other company can extract, measure and report on creative data insights the way we do.”

This approach is the starting point of an entirely new model that allows advertising teams to develop impactful creative first, and optimise it with A/B split testing, tweaking and media optimisation second.

The New Model gives you answers before you start

Thanks to QuantPlus, we’re entering a new age of ad optimisation where technology enables us to develop more personalised and creatively impactful campaigns that generate better results.

"We have worked with companies of all sizes across multiple markets. Those not taking advantage of creative data insights are wasting a third of their marketing budget." — Brad Pickett CEO

Bottom Line: It’s Time to Supercharge Your Creative

QuantPlus is the creative data insights solution that can supercharge your brand’s creative performance. The best part is that you don’t need to revolutionise your current setup. 

QuantPlus’s pre-optimised creative reports work in accordance with your existing AI tools, including any multivariate and AI ad platforms you already use. With the major difference that data and real insights, not assumptions, will now inform your briefs. 

The result? More impactful creative campaigns that achieve exponentially stronger results — up to a 300% increase in ROI.

Take your creative to the next level with QuantPlus.

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