Create ultra-successful global ad campaigns without the cultural guesswork.

Industry Country Reports for the Education Industry

Uncover the most successful ad creative elements to inform, optimise, and dominate your next international student recruitment campaign.


Different countries require different creative.

Get it right.

Not all cultures respond the same way to the same creative.

Our reports gives you creative insights to inform the best ad content and design for the highest chance of success in a country.

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We have every major global education market available

Did you know...

Even bordering countries can differ dramatically in how they respond to colours, messages, people and imagery.

Discover the best converting text & image elements for a country, with one simple report.

We analysed thousands of international education advertising campaigns using AI technology to uncover the best converting text and image elements for different countries.
We’ve analysed trillions of data points around:
phrase combinations
imagery content
element type prominence
category type
gender distribution
+ many more

Optimise before you launch.

QuantPlus reverses the traditional optimisation model by being proactive instead of reactive, giving you clear creative insights before you begin.

QuantPlus optimisation:

increases the probability of ad creative success
shortcuts the process of testing/iterating saving resources

Traditional optimisation methods:

require time "in-market" to understand ad effectiveness
produce lots of wasteful variations that perform poorly

Save thousands, save tens of thousands...

Whatever size your ad budget, QuantPlus saves you money against your media costs.

Why spend valuable media budget trying to understand what creative works.

QuantPlus reports take the guesswork out of the 'what works' and 'what doesn't' for any creative, in any country, globally.

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Start with the answers.

Build your optimal creative to boost campaign ROI.

We equip your Marketing & Creative Team with a blueprint of the most successful content elements to create statistically proven campaign creative to unlock maximum ROI.
Design using the best performing elements based on data
Avoid wasting budget on ads using hard-to-prove hunches


Original Creative
Conversion Rate


After - 300% ROI

Conversion rate after
employing Quant Insights :


How we unlock the insights

The process of turning big data into Insights Reports
Collate Ads

We collate thousands of Ad Creatives from a broad range of sources when collating data sets by country

AI Engine Processing

The Quant AI Engine deconstructs every Ad into individual text and image elements -analysing, categorising, and tagging trillions of data points

Compare Performance Data

Next we compare each element toad performance data, such as engagement metrics, impressions, conversions, spend over time and much more

Rank Elements & Insights

Finally, we rank the highest performing ad elements in each category, converting data into rich creative insight reporting used to produce better informed pre-launched, pre-optimised creative for your next ad campaign

The future of ad creation is here...

Discover how easy it is for  QuantPlus Reports to turbocharge your next campaign
Purchase a Report
Purchase a Report

Select your country, purchase the report. Pass the report to your creative or marketing team

Gain Insights

Let your team absorb the data & insights, ready to action their new knowledge

See Results

Watch you improved results and increased ROI right from the start of launch!

Create Artwork

New campaign artwork is made based on insights, all whilst maintaining brand style & objectives

Prices & inclusions

Industry Country Reports

$7500 per country

A comprehensive Report outlining the highest performing creative elements used in ad-campaigns in a chosen sector & country, ranked in performance order.

Design optimised creative from the very start of your campaign using data insights about what performs best.

Downloadable Hi-Res Printable PDF Report
Video Walkthrough - How to Use QuantPlus Insights
‘Ask Anything’ 30min Support Call with an Expert
Layout Guide, Summary of Terms, FAQs
Affordable access to World-First Technology
Data Insights included, featuring the top ranking:
1, 2 and 3 word phrases
composition ratios
image tag categories by proliferation
image tag categories by performance
population distribution
image tags in people category
gender distribution
attire worn
complexion tones
activities featured
natural features
misc objects featured
built environments
room types and locations
top image tags in technology category
Countries Available
We have every major global education market available to purchase
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This is the country you'll receive insights into so you can create hi-performing ad creative for this audience.

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This is the country you'll receive insights into so you can create hi-performing ad creative for this audience.

This is the country you'll receive insights into so you can create hi-performing ad creative for this audience.

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Here's our FAQ's.

Who are the Industry Country Reports for?

They’re designed for anyone in the Education Industries launching ad campaigns globally.

Typically, Marketing Managers purchase reports to use collaboratively with Designers and Creative Teams at the following institutions:

     Universities and Colleges
     Education and Skills Institutions
     Online Education Providers

Will my creative start looking the same as other peoples?

Of course not! You don’t have to abandon your style guide or core brand messages. 

The best of what works ‘creatively’ for any country is simply offered as a starting point. What you choose to embed into your own creative DNA is entirely your decision. Our reporting simply offers the data to make better informed decisions around your next creative development.

How recent is the report data?

QuantPlus produce new reports annually, to ensure only the latest insights and trends.

Can you guarantee me better results using QuantPlus?

Traditional creative is guesswork. Our data informs choice. The decisions you and your team then make creatively, will impact your campaigns success.

Have other advertisers seen results?

Yes, successful trials have seen improvements range from 33 - 300% ROI. These are available in case studies for the market to view.

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